Signs of Water Damage in Your House

Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons, some of which are more evident than others. A busted pipe or an overflowing sink are easy to identify and fix, but water damage is not often so obvious. It is easy to notice signs of hidden water damage. Any leak, such as a leaking pipe or a leaking roof, can cause significant structural damage, increasing over time if not properly addressed and fixed.

Signs of Water Damage to Look For

Unnoticed water damage can result in structural damage and thousands of dollars in repairs. A hidden water leak in a basement, gradual roof leaks, and even a leaky faucet can all cause long-term harm to a structure. Are you unsure if your home or company has concealed water damage? You can search for a few indicators to see if you need to call a professional.

Musty Smells

The presence of a musty odor is a telltale symptom of water damage. Dampness and mold are the most common causes of musty odors. Musty smells can develop. Moldy or musty odors are caused by a combination of moisture, lack of air movement, and darkness. The problem will not be solved by masking the odor. If you notice foul odors in your house, you should investigate the source of the moisture build-up before it does further damage.

Mold Growth

Visible mold is almost often an indicator of a water problem. Mold will grow in residences with a high moisture level. Mold grows in the seams of ceilings and floors all the time. You can get rid of mild mold growth utilizing a variety of approaches. A qualified mold remediation business can locate the source of a significant mold outbreak, remove it, and avoid future mold problems. Learn more about water damage s by visiting a restoration company’s website.

Peeling Paint and Wallpaper

Another sign of hidden water damage or leaks is peeling paint and wallpaper. Paint and wallpaper lose their adherence to drywall and sheetrock when exposed to water. Not only is the result ugly, but it can also lead to more damage that is difficult to restore.

Stains and Discoloration

We have all seen ceilings and drywall that have been stained by water. This water damage warning should not be ignored. Stains and discoloration could be signs of a leaking roof or pipes behind the drywall. If you see discolorations or stains, try to locate the source of the moisture and get professional assistance like PuroClean.

Sudden Jump in Utility Bills

Utility bills can spike for various reasons, including the first cold spell of the season or the planting of spring gardens. Other spikes in water costs could be a sign of concealed leakage. An unexpected increase in water usage could be a sign of a problem.

Water Damage Under the Sink

A leaking kitchen or bathroom sink can be challenging to notice. Few people inspect their plumbing fixtures regularly. While some dampness under the sink is expected, a constant drip or leak might be an issue. For flood restoration information, you can call your local restoration company.


The most important thing to do if you discover a water leak or cause water damage is to act quickly. You may be able to solve water problems by repairing plumbing, patching and replacing drywall, and removing mold if you are skilled in home renovation procedures. 

Calling a professional restoration services firm is the best option for homeowners who do not want to undertake the task themselves. Professional restoration firms offer the experience, resources, and expertise to manage and repair water damage quickly, efficiently, and safely.